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About us

About Backup Sacco

Backup sacco was formed in 2019 by a convergent of minds who identified the agony of Kenyan in struggle of trying to acquire economic freedom and empowerment. With the uprising of unemployment in the country many people have tried to raise capital in quest of starting business with the aim of creating their source of income. However it has not been possible and most of the people have resulted in doing mennial jobs that has little returns or multiples borrowing from different institutions who chokes them and eventually making them slaves of loans. The requirement of conventional security to acquire loan has lend to the death of many promising business which would eventually have conributed greatly in the growth of the economy in our great country Kenya. Backup Sacco identified all the challanges faced by Kenyans in the midst of sacco crisis and the great minds came up with solution that will promote economic self reliance where through savings and rewarding amongst members will create a stream of income to the individual while at the same time providing a platform whereby the members can access the loan without involving the tedious process of guarantors. The effort of an individual by recruiting more members and earning from the process boost their savings while at same time ensuring the member has finances to boost their business and their day to day obligation.

By pulling resources together through saving and reward system back up sacco will ensure that the society is uplifting each other to create the much required financial freedom in our country Kenya.

Our Motto


To be the Sacco of choice in offering quality financial products and services

To mobilize members’ savings and empower them economically by providing quality financial products and services in accordance with the cooperative principles and values.

  • Integrity
  • Customer focus
  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Creativity and innovation

For Backup Sacco to successfully deliver on the objectives of this strategic plan, the following core competencies identified;

  • Information technology skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Financial management skills
  • Communication skills.
  • To promote economic interest to its members
  • To promote thrift among members by according them an opportunity to pull resources together, mobilize them and grant them at reasonable interest rates.
  • To raise funds by receiving deposits, short term savings and contracting loans from members and non members.